Reasonable in Size

  • 420+ megawatts of installed capacity
  • 1.5 bln. kWh output every year
  • Up to $0.55 bln. FDI
  • Suitable location, adjacent to 500 kV line
  • Remote from populated areas

Perfect Seasonal Profile

  • 80% of output comes to winter season
  • 20% of output comes to summer season
  • Balances out the energy deficit of the country
  • Well Plugged-in into hydropower based system
  • Enables HPPs to save water for peak loads

Environmentally Friendly

  • No CO2 emission & no heat emission
  • Reduction of emission by 600-kilotons of CO2
  • No waste / No costly inputs
  • No occupation of Arable land
  • No Negative Impact on Fauna & Flora

Social & Economic Benefits

  • Substitution of imported energy in winter
  • Reducing dependency on imported soil fuel
  • Improving the current account of the country
  • 300 jobs during construction
  • About 70 permanent (skilled) jobs
  • $5 mln. to local budget every year
  • Promotion of engineering profession

Latest News

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